Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Traveling is hard work, even without the little munchkins

OMG I had the most awesome weekend! Yeah, I know it's was so awesome it took me until today to recover. I flew down to Texas to spend the weekend with my college girlfriends. Nothing better than acting stupid with girls who have known you forever, and still love you. FYI, anyone who sees me on beer and energy shots, beware, it's not pretty, but it is sweaty.

OK, so this post isn't about that, but yet, about the travels.... This is what I went through to get to these lovely ladies.

Night 1: I drive 2.5 hours in the dark. (If you know me IRL you just gasped. I don't do dark.) This was just to get to my hotel to stay in before I go to the airport for my flight.

So at the hotel I feel that everyone is just ready to rob, rape and kill me. Why? Um, cause it's dark and you know, that's what everyone does at night, right? OK, so maybe I'm a bit paranoid. But, just to be safe, I lock myself in my nasty hotel room and don't eat dinner for fear that if I leave my room, I may never return. (again, absolutely no reason to think this except maybe I have watched too many scary movies or something.) So I get a night's rest. (notice I did not say GOOD nights rest? That's because someone mentioned, "Don't let the bedbugs bite" before I went to sleep and I freaked all night thinking about bedbugs.

So I wake up and try to shower.... um 4 pubes in the shower.! and enough said on that subject.

So I get my flight then said friends pick me up for a 4.5 hour drive to our destination. And fun commences!

On the way home....

I stay with my parents the last night so my dad can drive me to the airport. I like to keep these two on their toes, so I tell them my Arrival time, not my Departure time. I don't notice that I am suppose to be at the airport at 12:20 instead of 1:55 until it is dangerously close to me missing my flight. So we fly out of the house. No hair done, no makeup. (Again, if you know me IRL you are gasping again... that just doesn't happen. But it did. (Luckily I know how to perform miracles in the car and transform into the beauty you see on your sidebar. haha)

So I make the flight and have to take a shuttle back to the hotel. Shuttle guy is sooooo sweet to put my bags in my car for me. But I think he would have been sweeter, if he actually put MY bags in my car. Not someone elses. And then drive away. It would have been sweeter, also, if my car would start. Yeah, so I'm sitting there 2.5 hrs from home, car won't start, and I have the wrong luggage.

This is about the time I lose it.

Thank you sweet baby Jesus for Snickers bars and Dr. Pepper. I would have preferred Wine and perhaps some drugs, but you make do.

So I did FINALLY get the shuttle guy to come back and switch the luggage. And the nice maintenance man (whom I thought wanted to kill me the first night) got my car working again. And I am on my way.... for 2 hours... in a car with no radio because it has to be reprogrammed since the battery went dead.

And I'm exhausted.... the end!


Kameron said...

I would say sound slike fun, but I won't patronize you! That sounds awful! Glad you got home ok!

M said...

I hope the middle was worth it!!!

Mrs. WMSFB said...

So, that is why next year we will be traveling to you!!!! Uggg sorry girl at least you will always have sparkles!!!

Sara said...

ooooohhhhhh my.

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