Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm alive!!!!

So I'm back from my blind date! Turns out, neither of us is a crazy serial killer. Well, I take back the crazy part. We are DEFINITELY crazy. But harmless.

(and yeah, I am akwardly too close to her in this picture. Do you think she looks scared?)

We took our girls on a Silly Bandz crazy weekend of shopping, laughing, movies, and junk food.

I think the girls got along great. I discovered this just about the time they ran from us and locked us out of our hotel room.

It is so glad to hug and talk face to face to someone I have considered a true friend for so long. Someone I never spoke a word to until we met, and then we couldn't shut up the entire time we were together.

To see her little girl, who has been whipping cancer's butt! Someone I have been praying and crying for. She is one tough, funny, and lovable girl. Even if she did introduce my daughter to Aeropostle and Justice Ugg boots. And try to convince her to get a rabbit.

So all in all, this internet thing started out as just a way to release my random thoughts, but has turned into something that actually builds relationships, something much deeper that I would have ever thought.


Bec said...

So glad you guys had an awesome time! I totally get what you mean about internet relationships... I have a group of about 40 women that I consider my best friends. We met on a bulletin board when we were all trying to have our first babies and 4.5 years later we're all still chatting daily! I've met a handful of them IRL and if someone observed us hanging out they never could have guessed we'd never actually 'met' each other!
Anyway, I'm saying some prayers for that little girl, too! She looks like an awesome kid :) said...

So glad to hear that friendships are being made out there! Has anyone mentioned that the two of you look as though you could be sisters? Scary -- in a good way!

Sara said...

whew! Glad it went well. Looks like the girls had a blast! :)

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