Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The bloodhound

Dude, I know what my kid will be when he grows up. A drug sniffing dog. Seriously. The little shit has some bad ass radar going on.

Exhibit A:
I have stashed sugar free chocolates at the TOP of the pantry. In a box. Hidden from view.

Kid walks into my bathroom yesterday while I'm taking a shower with the shit in his hands. "Mommy, I got your treats for you." (in that little sing-song voice, like I'm going to be ever so pleased with him.) WTH?

Exhibit B:
Anywhere there is the faintest crackling of foil, kid is on it. Rooms away, he hears me open up cupcakes, potato chips, fruitsnacks, he's there instantly. He can be sound asleep on the couch, you go busting open a ding dong... that's it, naptime's over.

The small child is good. But I am determined to be better.


Grimm said...

Funny -- In our house it's pee. I don't even close the door anymore because I'd rather he stand there watching me than bang on the door, saying Mommy, Mommy, Mommy? Are you in there Mommy? Mommy? while I'm going! Pee-dar. Totally.

Kameron said...

I have to get sneaky and do things like eat my ice cream out of coffee cups or else the boy is all up in my business! I'm such a stingy mommy! I tell him to share and then I sneak to eat my treats all by myself! ha!

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