Friday, July 16, 2010

Pull the plug

I have been thinking that maybe I'm sitting at the computer when I should be, you know, doing things like cleaning, watching my children, knitting, baking a pie, whatever "good moms" do.

Maybe I should just unplug the darn thing and get back to the "old'n days" before Gore invented the Internet. Exactly how would it be to be unplugged for a while?

Well, except for Weight Watchers. Gotta log in the points. You know, I'm paying for it, gotta use it.

And maybe Face book. I mean strictly because what if my mom writes me. That would just be rude to not respond, right? So I gotta check that. You never know when your high school biology teacher is going to need to ask you a very important question or something. So, gotta check Face book, it's a must.

Then maybe real quick I'll get on email. Just to clean out the inbox so it isn't all crammed with stuff then next day. Wouldn't want it to jam up the computer. So maybe just for 5 minutes.

Oh, and epicurious. Family has to eat, and I have to find the recipes. That will only take a second.

Yeah, after that, I'm totally going computer less for the day.

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