Monday, June 14, 2010

4 is just not enough, evidentally

Actual conversation. Really, I wish I was making stuff like this up, 'cause, um...ewwww!

Son: Oh no!

Me: What's wrong?

Son: I ran out of boogers.

Me: You ran out of what?
(at this point the entire family stops in our tracks and watches the strange kid who is sad that he ran out of boogers. I am just hoping I heard him wrong.)

Son: BOOGERS! I ran out of BOOGERS!

Me: Um, ok. (How the hell do I fix this one.)

Son: Yeah, I only have 4 left and I won't have enough for the day.

Me: (In my head I am thinking of all the reasons he would need more than 4 boogers. Is he eating them? Building a model booger monster? plastering them on his wall? What the hell is the kid doing with boogers that he needs more than 4. And while I'm at it, how the hell does he know he has 4 boogers up his nose?)

Son: We are going to have to get more.

Me: Really, and how do we do that?

Son: (insert eye roll) MOM, you get them at the booger store. (as he grabs his shoes and heads to the car.)


Nicole said...

LMAO!! I feel your pain.

obladi oblada said...

Yeah, sometimes its best not to ask...but I know the feeling you just HAVE to ask.

Tinika said...

Ha ha! That's funny.

M said...


~~Mel~~ said...

The Booger Too funny.