Thursday, February 4, 2010

Revealed Part 1

Wow, good questions. I have been thinking about them for a few days. And some of you, ahem....set me up. You know who you are! So let's get to cracking open this nut.

CalgaryDaddy asked: When you where a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

So growing up I was infatuated with Scott Sams....mmmmm....the weather man in Dallas.

Oh was he cute! I'm talking like 11 years old I would get up at 6 am to watch this guy tell me all about the cold fronts, northern winds, blah blah blah... And that made me want to be a meterologist. I thought that would be the coolest job ever. Not sure what happened to that dream because I became a teacher. And even that was out of default. I started college wanting to be an accountant, but I am seriously horrible with numbers and could not get past Business Calculus... But don't worry, I never teach math. I can rock some spelling words though.

Mommy Daisy asked: What is a favorite family recipe?

Absolutely hands down my dad's lasagna coupled with my mom's "Sugar Salad." It's called Sugar Salad because her name is Sugar. Well, I guess technically it's not, but I'm not sure even she knows that. She's gone by Sugar all her life.

My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving and I made both of them make their stuff while I wrote down the recipes. There's something about seeing them work together and being so happy that makes that dish so special. Like you can't have one without the other. We ended up with 4 pans of lasagna, which is good because he usually only fixes it once a year.

Danielle @ Life with the Hewitt Family and Tinika @ By His Design asked Were you the class clown?

Heck no! I was so shy I use to fret about the fact that one day I would have to drive a car and would I look stupid if I was in it alone. I was super shy unless I felt close to you. Then I was the clown. I use to love cracking my friends up and being the comic relief for my family, but get me in a big crowd and I was tighter than a clam. That's changed, obviously. I am a lot more open now and just think people will either accept me or not, their choice, but I think I'm worth getting to know.

Chelle @ Never had a better day asked How I met my husband and what qualities we bring out in each other. And how I keep a sense of humor with everything that's going on.

Here's how hubs and I met. His mother still doesn't forgive me for turning him into a GQ instead of a cowboy. Hmm... qualities. Well, I think it's impressive that I am the only person that can bring that man to even slightly raise his voice. The guy is soooo even tempered it's crazy. And he can get over being upset before I can blink. He's weird. But I love it. He just doesn't sweat anything. He showed me that worrying about things does not help and if you just let it go, it usually works out. I, came from a long line of worriers so that was a bit tough, but I think I've come around. I think I bring out the silly in him. I'm sure it was there before, but he's one of those private guys who doesn't really show that side to most people, but at home he's the goofiest person on the planet that's always trying to make me laugh. It means the world to me that he is that comfortable with me.

And the sense of humor part, I guess that's always been my way of coping with stressful situations. Just find the humor. You can't change it but you can laugh your arse off about it. That helps.


Kameron said...

And you'll be posting these recipes when?? ;o)

I think it is hilarious that you were embarrassed at the thought of driving alone! Tee hee!

~~Mel~~ said...

I too was so painfully shy growing much so that the kids in class would always tease me saying I didn't even know how to talk lol.

Now...I really don't give a rats ass what anyone thinks!

mother goose said...

i loved it! but hey.. you didn't answer my question! LOL,

紅包 said...

你不能和一個握緊的拳頭握手 ..................................................

taddda said...

Ok Scott, kinda hot!