Friday, January 22, 2010

A bedtime diddy

There once was a sweet little boy.
Whom putting to sleep was a joy.
With hugs and kisses, snuggles and such.
His mother loved every minute so much.

And now there's a MONSTER around!
Who cries and screams and frowns.
He won't put on jammies or even brush his teeth.
He runs to the curtains and hides underneath.

His mommy is losing it.
She can't take it no more.
So get your butt to sleep
Before she forgets what she had you for!!!!


Michelle said...

Ha! sounds like our boys turned in to the same little monsters :)

Heather said...

Yep. Right there with ya. : ) Ahh, the days where he LET me brush his teeth so long ago!

Hope said...

I just found you through, well sheesh, I don't know now, but anyways, your crackin' me up and I'm going to use that poem on my now 6 year old, who used to LOVE going to bed. Now it's a big ole pain? Did you make the up on your own? It's great.
and your others posts. Thanks. I'll be coming back for more. (If I may)

Kameron said...

Nate hit that phase and I was so ticked off! It doesn't help when you can't threaten with daddy, does it?!

Paige said...

I feel like I sing this tune every night!

Quinn's Mama said...

Thank you for putting into words what I'm too tired to express clearly (or with very much humor). My kid has been a great sleeper since he was 6 weeks old, and now, at 2 1/2 and with a little sister due in four weeks, he screams every night, fights naptime, and gets up crying in the middle of the night. WTH?

.Keli. said...

LOL! Talk about creative! Did you write this all by your lonesome??

sheila said...

atleast you got a great blog post out of it!

Kim said...

What you have a blog?!?!!?!?

hxr said...
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mother goose said...

Girl, you are awesome! I love your humor and ability to keeping it real!