Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Why am I blogging this? I don't know...because I found it amusing and wanna keep it in my archives...

So you know, hubs is away to the new job, in a new state. (Hold on I'm going to get my wine. Just thinking about it makes me need a drink.)

OK, I'm back.

So he's away and well, we are both crackberry addicts. (some more than others. ahhhem) and every night we say goodnight via crackberry instant messenger. Now, for tech savvy telephone users we are NOT into all that text format. Well, except for WTF..that one I love.

So just to give you the slightest peek into our marriage and what we say when others might be saying, "I love you honey. I miss you. You are so precious to me. blah blah blah."

(in middle of conversation about my heart issues via instant chat. And yes, I know we could pick up the phone and talk, but really, why?)

Him: Btw again...I don't like haha... I prefer lol or roflmao..haha is so text vauge.

Me: haha. Do you really roll on the floor laughing? I doubt you even laugh out loud. So haha is more appropriate. And if you type roflmao I may punch your pansy self in the face.

Him: No, but I like to imagine the other person (you) rolling on the floor laughing.

Me: Lol

Him: Haha is so 1998

Me: Chuckle out loud (COL)

Him: Bock bock. COL sounds like a chicken.

Me: Giggle Out Loud (GOL?) I'm not really laughing, more of a chuckle or giggle. Sorry. I promise to tell you when I roflmao if you ever say something that funny.

Him: I'm just LIMH... laughing in my head

Me: OK, you got me, Roflmao with that one. We have to keep using that one! (insert commentary: The man NEVER laughs out loud...EVER. Always in his head, and it drives me crazy!)

Him: Probably more accurate

Me: For sure, I still prefer COL, that's just how I roll.

Him: Goodnight dear.... LIYD... laugh in your dreams...bock bock

Me: You are so haha.. Goodnight. And can I blog this?

Him: Sure... love you too... X's and O's... never understood that one either.

*Can you imagine how bad my spell check hated this post?


Bec said...

This post is hysterical! I have a man that never laughs out loud, either... always in his head! Drives me crazy and I find myself hanging all over him trying to get a reaction "Aren't I so funny? I'm hysterical, honey! TELL ME I'M FUNNY!!!!"

Melissa said...

You guys are so fun! At least your man knows how to use it!!!

obladi oblada said...

Great post!!! I think LIMH is the best...because that is what I do. What do you call it when a tiny bit of air escapes you, sort of pushes out in a really tiny short fast laugh, like just one "ha"..thats what I do. BUt how do you explain that in text, you heh or ha works.

kristi said...

LIMH, I love it, can I steal it??

.Keli. said...

LOL! LMRO! SDF! My husband RARELY laughs out loud and it makes me nuts! It feels good to laugh!

Nicole said...

That is too funny. My hubby and I only text every so often. My husband is a sucker, I can make him lol at any moment!

Kameron said...

I love the LIMH! I'm going to use that...if you don't mind! I'll credit you with the creation! ;o)

M said...

I really am a LOL person. What can I say? My children will be mortified a lot in the future.

heidi said...

HA! Love it!!! ROFL and LMAO always irritate me, too. Even LOL is misleading because normally people are NOT laughing out loud. Sometimes I do a little air snort out my nose, yk?

.Keli. said... I did say SDF. hahaha! SDF=So Darn Funny!