Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The pics that should have been

Wanna know how lazy busy I have been lately? You are about to find out. Here are the pics that SHOULD have gone into posts lately. I'm just going to lazily creatively link back to the posts they belong to. And... you are welcome.

So the hairy leg pic.. didn't think I really did it, did you? Never underestimate my ability to humiliate myself.

And here is Christmas tree #1. Be gentle, she's sensitive about losing the competition.

And tree #2. Didn't even try to smile for the camera. It just sits there with it's sad lopsided self.

And the winner is......


~~Mel~~ said...

My hairy legs would put yours to shame :)

Love your tree..it's beautiful!

sheila said...

pretty pretty tree! Glad we got to see it!

Nikki B. said...

i think you shoulda put balls and ribbon on the thorny branches of the tree in the top picture! that's the one i'd have picked!! ;D

kristi said...

The tree is great!!