Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't tell

Shhhh....don't tell and maybe no one will notice. But I am NOT sending out Christmas Cards this year. Am I going to Christmas Card Hades???? I don't care. and that is such a lie. I have fretted about this for a while. But we are trying to buy a house, we just had to buy a car, and it's Christmas time... SOOOO one of my ways to cut out an expense,(and save myself the mind numbing time of getting two small kids to smile at a camera. Just the thought of it makes me need a shot of Tequila.)

I even went so far as to buy cards at the store and then return them. I feel like such a scrooge. And everytime I get one in the mail I picture my friends sitting at their mailbox just waiting for an snapshot of my little cherubs' mugs. The ones that will never come. It's like getting coal in their stockings.

Think anyone will notice??? I mean, I only told you guys, I think people will look right over it, right???


obladi oblada said...

Ha! Dont feel bad..Im not doing it either, the Christmas card kid picture thing. At my husbands urging Im just sending cards, no kids pics, not this year. Maybe next year when i dont have so much on my proverbial plate...this year? Sorry, not happening.

NoReturnMom said...

I think skipping the cards one year is no big deal! I usually do the Santa pic for our cards, but that wasn't happening this year. I was lucky enough to get a friend to photoshop an x-mas tree behind an existing cute photo of my two, but without his help I might not have bothered.

Happy holidays--and try to enjoy giving yourself a break every once in a while!

M said...

sniff. sniff.

Just kidding. :)

I think you should do Easter cards. I mean, come on, EVERYONE does Christmas cards.

Bonnie said...

I would not feel bad at all. I say this as I am sitting here contemplating making 5 cards for my Mom's group this morning...nope..not gonna do it.

voncabramowitz said...

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heidi said...

Psh. Nary a glance will come your way. One of my friends sent out St. Pats cards, instead in the midst of what we call "The Longest Year Ever". It works. :-)