Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why yes, you can look under my bed if you must

So today I am planning a party. One of those work parties for my hubs. Not a stuffy, place card thing. If I had to do one of those there might be bloodshed. No, this is more a grill steaks and drink beers party. But still, it freaks you out just a tad.

Anytime I have people over I go through the likelihood that they may need to use my master bathroom. Or have to go into my closet. Why the hell would someone need to go upstairs, through the bedroom, through the bathroom and be standing in a room with all my pants? I have no idea, but I get scared that someone might see what's in there. Or under my bed. What reason on earth would someone look under my bed? They wouldn't. Would they? Great, now I got to clean under there too. Oh the nightstand drawers, gotta get those clean. You never know when someone might need to take a peek in there.

So instead of focusing on say, the kitchen, I obsess on things like the sink in the bathroom. Why, why do I do that? Do you do that? Am I normal?

Maybe I should quit blogging and go, you know... clean the kitchen. Or make the food, or something productive like the laundry room. I am sure all guests are going to need to go in there some time this evening, right?


Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I totally find myself cleaning things like that. I happen to walk into my room and go..."ick what if someone sees that"? And then spend way too much time cleaning things that really could stay messy.
Those thoughts will also cross my mind when packing for a trip. "What if we get killed in an accident?" Then someone will have to come in and clean & pack our whole house. What will they think when they see how messy it is...or those "unmentionables"? Then I have to start cleaning those things instead of packing. Until my husband freaks out that we were supposed to leave an hour ago and I'm not finished packing...then I have to stop and try to be normal.

sheila said...

You're the same as most people. I know I do the same thing. Things/places I haven't touched in years get a cleaning or makeover when we have a party.

ThankGOD we don't have a lot of parties, lol

Kameron said...

I once went crazy and cleaned the toaster oven front with a qtip because I thought it looked all crusty and people might see it when they came to my party. You are not alone sista! Now, go clean!

obladi oblada said...

lol...I dont worry about my bedroom or closet..but the bathroom sink definitely. The bath tub and shower too, because you know when people are using your toilet, they are gonna look in your shower..oh and your medicine cabinet, so you better make sure thats clean and neat. Oh, Im not helping am I?

heidi said...

I just lock my bedroom door. The end. LOL

Heads up - major linky love coming your way tomorrow for the Friday Freebie. :-) I'll be linking to one of my favorite posts of yours.

~~Mel~~ said...

I feel the same way when we are having company! I need to learn to just close bedroom doors and hope that ppl will then know they are off limits...but it's hard! lol.

M said...

We had a friend that would fill their medicine cabinet to the brim with ping pong balls when they had was funny every time. I wonder what the "under the bed" equivalent would be.