Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's update, shall we?

The potty training: uh, what potty training? I don't know what you are talking about. That must be someone else's blog you were reading. No potty training going on around here.

The diet: Still at it. And not so bad. I feel better, I'm eating less AND my belt went down a loop. Hooray for me!

And on a totally different note:

Remember when my sweetheart of a daughter started singing THIS song? So today I'm in the car, minus the little parrot of a 7 year old. So I was singing along with "I Want Your Sex." As in every.freaking.word! Haven't heard that song in years, I mean like 20. And I know it all. I then look at the year it came out. 1987! WTH? I was 11, how did I know all the words to "I Want Your Sex?" So it's making me think that yeah, we heard it, we're still here. Not that I'm gonna let her keep singing those R-Rated tunes, but it's not gonna kill us.

Oh, and "I Want Your Sex" was immediately followed up with Bell Biv Devo's "Do Me" and then a little, "I Touch Myself." Think either the DJ is in some serious need of some lovin' or maybe my mind's just in the gutter.


M said...

What radio station were YOU listening to today? :)

Call me soon. We need to catch up!

Bonnie said...

Good job on the diet...I so should put myself on one but since baby is 10 months I'm still going with the whole postpartum thing.

Dont' feel bad about the r rated tunes..your right we heard it, sang it and probably had NO clue what we were singing.

My 6 yr old tonight said something about disco dicks...hey what can I say!!

Paige said...

Always enjoy your posts. : ) I remember all those songs, but I'm at least a year or two older than you. hee, hee

Kameron said...

Potty training sucks. We've ditched the pullups and are only in undies for the 4th day today. All I can say is I'm thankful my kid goes to a home daycare so she can potty train him during the week. Ha!

~~Mel~~ said...

Congrats on your successful dieting!

Riley's favourite song right now is "Boom Boom Pow"..he heard at daycare before I even heard it...and apparently there's swearing in the version I downloaded on to my Blackberry...i guess daycare had the clean version...oops.

heidi said...

WOoohoooo!!! The good ole days! I hear ya on the songs - it's CRAZY the stuff we sang, isn't it? Good grief.