Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friends Rock

Everyone should have one of THOSE friends. The kind that you can say anything to. Whether it's totally inappropriate or not, you can tell them and they aren't going to judge you, they are just gonna laugh with you. One of those friends that you can scream HELP to and they come running, no questions asked. I love those friends. They are few and far between. They are special.

You know, friends that loan no less than: 10 forks, 2 bar stools, 5 lawn chairs and valuable time peeling potatoes, cutting brownies and talking me through my stressful day of planning a party.

Friends like these are the best! And when you move as much as I do, and you are so far from home, it feels like there really isn't anyone you can count on. It's hard. When I have spent the past 8 years of my life not knowing who to put on the emergency contact on my children's school forms besides my husband and myself because there is no one within 10 hours that I would trust with my child. Now I have these friends. Thank you thank you thank you... I feel at home. (Well, just look past that part about me having to leave one day)


T said...

You're right! Those friends are the best!

obladi oblada said...

Friends like that are hard to come by....but they are wonderful when you do find them!!

Kameron said...

I know how you feel about the whole moving thing. I finally have a freind like that where I live only took 4 years!

kristi said...

Good friends are priceless.

Melanie said...

I used to have a friend like that... but not since high school. It's been a long time and I miss having that kind of friend.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Friends do rock. I wish I had some that lived near me!
And I totally know where you are coming from with the "who do I put as an emergency contact?" dilemma. We have lived in 6 different places in Maryland in the last 10 years.

.Keli. said... I that friend! If not, I wanna be...pretty please?