Monday, September 28, 2009

7:17 am.


That's what time I set my alarm clock for. Guess how many times I have gotten up at 7:17 since I set that? NONE. It's more of a wish, a desire to be awoken by some song that I can't get out of my head all day, and at an appropriate time.

Nope, I have this little living alarm clock that likes to wake me up WAY before 7:17 am. And he keeps getting earlier. And there's no snooze button. No cord to unplug, and I'm pretty sure if I hurled him across the room and hit the wall, I would be answering some questions.

So I get up. Today 5:57. An ungodly hour. My coffee pot isn't even set to go off at this hour. Do you know how I get without my coffee? It's not pretty.

So now, I have to sit, sans coffee, at an ungodly hour and figure out how to keep this little "angel" (I'm gonna use angel, but you know, substitute any word you feel appropriate right now) in his bed.

Don't you dare tell me to put him to bed later. Nope. 8-8:30 is late enough, thank you. And the kid is now falling asleep every time we get in the car in the mornings so I know he's tired. And when I do get him back in bed in the mornings, it's only about 10 min. before the little "angel" is back up.

Oh, and to boot, when my husband opened our bedroom door at 5:57 a.m. to see what was causing so much noise in the the hallway, he saw the small child in question trying to climb and sit on the banister that overlooks the downstairs. Crap, I'm going back to bed.


T said...

Lmbo! Girl two has recently started sleep walking, lol. If it wasn't so funny it'd be scary, lol.

heidi said...

Oh snap. We did that with Corban for awhile and it finally got to the point (not to scare you or anything) that he was getting up at 3 am and NOT going back to sleep. It was ridiculous. Thank God he grew out of it.

obladi oblada said...

Just think...he will be a teenager someday and wanting to sleep all morning and afternoon...then you can get your revenge!!

Kameron said...

I say, if there is nothing in his room that can harm him, put a child safety doornob thing on the inside of his door so he can't open it. Then get him a digital clock and above the clock tape a paper with the number 7:00 on it. Tell him he is not alowd to come out until he sees that time. He can play quietly in his room and that's it.

Bonnie said...

WE have a boy just like that.

Here is what we did and some may disagree. He comes in our room and he is allowed to watch cartoons...of course being three and all he crashes but I still wake him up by 7:30 (heehee) so he learns that 4:30 is just not a good time to be up and about.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

My son will ALWAYS sleep in when I have to get up for work or have something else to do early. The days that he stays home with his dad he sleeps until 9:00 or even later...totally not fair! I think he must think I enjoy getting up early. It drives me crazy!

~~Mel~~ said...

I do not miss those days!

becca said...

My daughter who is 4.5 is in my room between 5:30 and 6:00 EVERY MORNING. I have tried everything. Bribery, leaving gifts at the foot of her bed, star charts, taking these away, etc. Nothing, nothing works. She is just wired as an early riser I guess. It's the worst but as someone else says, one day she'll want to sleep all day and then I'll probably miss that sweet little face cuddled next to mine in the early hours. Or not. GL!