Thursday, August 20, 2009

Talk Dirty To Me

Today I'm driving down the road listening to my all time favorite hair band, Poison. Now when I listen to Poison, I am all, big hair, crazy makeup, take my shirt off while sitting on my skanky boyfriend's shoulders, throw my undies at Bret Michaels...excited. Well, maybe not that much, but more like, turn up the radio in the minivan to an appropriate loudness. But I rock it out.

So I'm there rocking "Talk Dirty To Me," and I am thankful that my child oldest child is not in the car. And then I have a flashback. Back in 1990 I was oh... 13 or 14 years old. It was Christmas time and my parents got EVERYTHING on my Christmas list. I was so excited that I actually saved that list with it's check marks on the side of each item. All but one. Flesh and Blood album from Posion.

I always wondered why they didn't get me that present. I mean, you got everything else, why not one harmless CD? But today, I actually giggled, thinking of the sight of my dad, Cowboy hat, boots and pearl snap shirt, standing in the "Rock & Roll" section holding that cover and wondering "What the hell does my little girl want this for?"

As a parent now I try to shelter my kids. I am appalled at all that there is out there, songs about kissing girls, taking rides on your disco stick... But it's always been there, hasn't it? We did it, we grew up on Porkys movies, Revenge of the Nerds with it's sexual inuendo, and we are still alive.


Burgh Baby said...

Our daycare plays a lot of oldies during playtime, and I'm constantly dumbfounded by some of the lyrics Alexis has picked up. They just might be worse than anything that is on the radio right now. I never realized it until I heard her singing the words.

heidi said...

Isn't it shocking, though, to see just HOW MUCH sex was around us back in the day? Have you watched Goonies lately? I bought the "harmless" DVD for my kids and got all excited to watch it with them. Holy SNAP there is a lot of swearing in that movie - not to mention the talk about being a sex slave. Ay yi yi! And Grease! That was my all time FAVORITE movie and there's no way I'll let Sienna watch it. The music from back then is always interesting, too. Pour some sugar on me? Turning Japanese? Talk dirty to me? My goodness. I'm such a prude now, I guess, LOL

Tinika said...

I hear you sister. I am constantly sheltering my children from today's music. A few on my top under no circumstances will my children listen to are the two songs you mentioned, lol. It kind of makes me nauseous when I think of my kids rocking out to those songs.

But I have to say that my very first CD that I ever got- bought for me by my parents- was Warrant, Cherry Pie. What was my mother thinking, lol?

Love your blog!

Bonnie said...

Children are so innocent they have no idea what a disco stick is..BUT..the embarrasement when they sing the song at playdate or Mom's

Stacey @ said...

Ahh, Poison. How can you not rock out to Poison! It's one of my guilty pleasures. I'm very careful though not to even have the radio really on when my kids are in the car. They just pick things up so quickly and I really don't want them singing about drinking or other adult stuff. So, we listen to kids not the sucky kids music though. We listen to fun stuff that I can actually handle listening to!

But yes, when I'm all alone in the minivan, I crank me up some good ol' hair band music and LOVE IT!

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow...I never realized how many oldies lyrics are so

Kameron said...

I must admit I am one of those people who sometimes tunes out the lyrics and just happily sings along...until my son starts singing, "I hope it gives you hell" from some song on the top 40 station. Oops, where's kidz bop when you need it?