Monday, August 17, 2009

Gyno smino!

I hate going to the Gyno...

I just thought I would throw that one out there!

But I went. Reluctantly.

The day before I get all stressed out. You know, does everything look ok down there? Is she going to be laughing at my... um.... work. Like, "who does she think she is? Does she think that's cute or something?" I know, I know, they see it everyday, but maybe mine's different. Maybe there's something I'm missing. It freaks me out.

But I get there, in the best "shape" I can do. And while I'm sitting in the waiting area I sit up like a rocket with the thought of, "Oh holy hell, what if she tells me I'm pregnant!" I mean, I haven't missed a period. I am "protected." But what if. What if I'm one of those women that doesn't realize she is pregnant until the baby comes out. It can happen!

So I go into the room. Ug I hate going into the room. We do the whole wonderful discussion about my parts, so much fun. And then she leaves the room for me to undress. And I sit there FOREVER waiting for her to come back. Well, without my Blackberry in hand, I'm kinda lost for things to do with idle time these days, so I made up a game. Try to name all the places where women have to take off their clothes and spread their legs in one fashion or another. This is as far as I got before the stirrups.

*Strip Club
*Bikini Wax
*Child birth

And then my own fun began... and I'm done for another year! Oh yeah baby!!!


obladi oblada said...

LOL...I like your little game! I hate "going into the room" too. Well, I hate the whole thing..even making the appointment is stressful. Ugh.

Kameron said...

I'm pretty sure there would be something wrong with you if you enjoyed going tot he gyno, so you're not alone! I think of being pregnant as a 9 month gyno visit, but worse since they also draw your damn blood all the time. It ends in the longest gyno session of your life but at least you get something cute out of it. Screamy, but cute.

Melissa said...

Hope you can now relax tonight...Have a drink or two or three....

Sara said...

At least you didn't go into the restroom to leave your "sample" then go back into the wrong room, get totally undressed to realize there is no gown in there, then hear the nurse in the hallway saying..."where did she go?" Yup, totally wrong room! I love the Gyno too! The crap we have to go through! Glad you made it.

Tinika said...

LMBO! You're too funny!

~~Mel~~ said...

This post totally made me LOL!