Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Questions just for you

Questions I have been asked to blog:

1. Do you tip at Sonic?

2. Do wives REALLY do all that "stuff" that guys want, or do we get a reprieve when we get married?

3. Do women exchange things for what they want for "things" their husband/boyfriend wants?
And if so, does it work?

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

5. What time do your kids go to bed?

6. What time do you go to bed?

I totally made most of these up myself, but a few are questions I have been asked to survey you guys on. I'll let you guess which ones.


obladi oblada said...

Heres mine:

1. No tipping at Sonic, unless they A) Massage my shoulders, B)Trim my hair, C)launder my clothes
D)Keep my wine topped off, while Im there.

2. Depends on my mood.
3. I certainly try. It depends what kind of mood he is in.
4.Approximately 8
5. If its an early to rise day the next day then 9-ish. If its a sleep in day then 10/11-ish.
6. Somewhere between 10 and 1am (depending on what day, and what time the kids go to bed)

Patrice said...

Fun!! I like this! okay, here are my answers!

1.Sometimes if it's like 2.60 or something like I don't want a bunch of coins back, but usually no.
2. I don't know... I'll let you know in about 10 years!
3. hmm sometimes probably.
4. I don't know not as many as most girls/women!
5. Again, I'll have to let you know in about 10 years! lol
6. Depends. somewhere between 11-1, later on weekends!

Melissa said...

Let's see here...
1. haven't been there yet...but if I do go no tipping.
2. every so often...right time, right place...yeah.
3. If you asked me this 6 months ago my answer would of been different but since I've 'peaked' I'm all about it! wherever,whenever!!! And it's been 11.5 yrs! Wow did I just write that?
4. maybe 5 that I wear often!
5. 7:30-8:00
6. 12:00-1:00

That Girl said...

1. I have never been to a Sonic! We dont have one in my city.
2. just on special occasions. lol
3. oh like emptying the litter pan in exchange for a 'special treat'? Yeah that happens sometimes.
4. I'm not a big shoe person. Maybe 5 pairs I wear frequently.
5. 7:30pm on weeknights. She's almost 8 so that seems early but we get up at 5:30am. On the weekends she is allowed to stay up until whenever....which is usually no later than 10pm.
6. Around 10pm on weeknights

Alicia said...

Since inquiring minds want to know.....

1. No.

2. Sometimes. It depends on how nice he is to me.

3. See answer for #2.

4. 20.

5. 8:30

6. around 11:00.

M said...

1. I tip everywhere I receive a service and I live by the rule, "Will I really miss another $1?" If the answer is yes, be stingy. If not, be generous and perhaps that generosity will come back to you. (Hey, I waited tables and paid for a lot of college through those tips and when you are that poor every buck counts!)

2. Yes and no. Most of us will try anything once!

3. Yes, we do. Only its not usually a direct transaction. Its more like, husband is in good mood with promise of "things" and is really agreeable during a shopping trip. Mine will shop anywhere first, as long as we end at Victoria's Secret.

4. Approximately 25- and thanks for this because when I went to look in my closet I found my lost pair of (beloved) Dansko sandals!

5. 8

6. 11

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Here are my answers:

1. Not usually - but I mostly go through the drive-thru.

2. Depends...

3. Yep, I have tried it and it works sometimes.

4. Number of shoes...counting flip flops? Too many! 18

5. 9:00pm

6. The norm would be 11:00pm

Are you going to share your answers?

Heidi said...

Good question Danielle. OK, here are my answers.
#1: Yes, I tip at Sonic. I had a friend who dropped out of school in HS to help his family and he worked at Sonic. I just remember how appreciative he was for those tips, so I figure I never know what people go through.
#2: hmmmm. Seeing as ALOT of people that read my blog know me in real life. One even birthed me. I'm gonna plead the 5th.
#3: Yeah we make deals, only I usually back out after he's done his part. He's catching on.
#4 I own about 15 pairs.
#5 2 year old goes down at 8. Just changed the 6 year old to 9.
#6. Usually 10:30-11:30.

Tinika said...

1. Yes. Always. I worked there years ago, and the tips always helped.

2.For the most part. But there are limits to everything, right?

3. Yes. Sometimes.

4. Too many.

5. During the summer months I usually let them stay up as late as they want as long as they are quiet enought to let me sleep.

During school months it's 9pm.

6. Lately around 2 am, I all the sudden can't sleep, not sure why. Usually around 11 or so.

Paula said...

#1. Always because my husband works in the restaurant industry and I understand the importance of supporting those in the service industry.

#2 It doesn't matter how I answer this question, because my husband will never agree that it's enough anyway.

#3 No, it wouldn't work on my husband. Not worth wasting my time.

#4 40ish Not that I wear most of them.

#5 School year: 8 Summer 10

#6 School year: 11 Summer sometimes as late as 2.

~~Mel~~ said...

1. No Sonics here (I'm in Canada).

2. I do...but not all that often...he complains now because in the beginning I was trying to impress him and would give him 'treats' all the time lol.

3. Every once in awhile...and yes of course it works!

4. I own about 20 pairs of shoes, boots, sandals...but I only wear about 5 pairs on a regular basis.

5. 8:30 on weeknights about 10:00 on weekends.

6. Anywhere from 10:30 to 12:30 depending on the night...and the mood lol.

mother goose said...

I tip at sonics, if we order food. If I am going just for drinks no tip.

I am open for anything! HE on the other hand has his limits! big chicken!!

too many shoes to count

i go to bed no earlier than 1:30am

My kids during the summer months do not have a bed time, and during school 9pm. They start school at 9am.

jineen said...

i don't have a sonic anywhere near me and haven't ever been to one, because of that i haven't ever tipped anyone who worked there.

definietly depends on my mood and whether or not i am mad at him....

i think hubby and i do this without really planning to, like i see he has done something i asked so i returnt he favor and vice versa

far too many to count, i LOVE shoes


10 am

hvae a blast in texas! i think the best thing we ever bought for car trips was a portable dvd player and a psp, keeps the kid occupied quite nicely:)

heidi said...

1 - we don't have sonic.
2 - we do that STUFF but there's always a prize involved.
3 - I'm not sure I understand this question. Am I dense?
4 - Uh, 7
5 - When I tell them to. School nights no later than 8:30. Summer - whenever I can't take them anymore.
6 - 11 or so.

kristi said...

I totally tip at Sonic. I worked there in h.s. and those tips helped buy my first car.

No worries it was only $800.