Friday, July 10, 2009

Nonsensical Ramblings

Heidi's top 5 Random Things:

1. I started recycling... remember when I was just proud of buying those grocery store bags? BTW I ALWAYS forget to use them! But now I am doing the whole save the planet one beer bottle at a time thing. Yeah me!

2. I made a Chicago Cubs wedding cake yesterday. Well, not the whole cake, just the top layer. You know the IMPORTANT ONE! The one everyone judges... and it's starting to run. The red is running on to the white and I think I may have a heart attack! I have to be at this wedding. I can just hear someone near me saying, "Um, who the hell made that cake? That is awful." and then I have to punch them and then we will get kicked off the boat... and yada yada... not good.

3. Which totally brings me to this wedding... Got a babysitter overnight.... going to stay in a fancy dancy hotel in Chicago.. I wonder if they have a bidet? And how do you even use those things??? Anyway,,,, and the reception for this fancy smancy wedding is on a boat. How cool is that? You know fancy wedding... ugly cake!

4. I got new bras and panties... I love new undies!

5. Oh oh oh oh oh! The best part. I am going to Texas in a week! I tried to suprise my Mommy and not tell her, but it turns out I kinda sorta invited the whole family to come up and then invited my cousin and her family to come one day. Sooo I figured I better let the parents know what's going on before showing up with my family and then telling them that a million other people are showing up too.

And that concludes Heidi's useless information for the day... Enjoy y'alls weekend.


Tinika said...

You crack me up! Have fun at the wedding.

~~Mel~~ said...

Oh a fancy smancy hotel?? I'm jealous!!!

.Keli. said...

Girl, you always make me laugh! I wish I was staying in a fancy schmancy hotel...why do you gotta brag? Sheesh. Have fun!!!

Together We Save said...

Have fun!!

Bonnie said...

You crack me up..Love the Monday post.

Recycling in my province is a great get money back. No one throws cans,bottles or milk jugs away here.

Hope you had fun at the wedding.

becky @ misspriss said...

I *always* forget my bags, too. Then I found these tiny fold-up bags from Reisenthel (got them at the container store) and keep a couple in my purse. They're lightweight, yet pretty strong. I can fit quite a bit of stuff in them. Really like them for when I forget the bigger bags. :)