Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A night on the town

So our weekend at the fancy smancy hotel starts off with...... what else????

The mini-bar! Not a bad way to get started after a lot of traffic, and about 30 minutes to get dressed for a wedding.

But the mini bar is a bad idea if it's 5 pm and all you have eaten the entire day was one little 'ol sandwich.

Wedding was beautiful, Here's a fuzzy of the happy couple. Get this, I'm on the boat taking this. oooo la la, right?

See.. .see... on a boat! Very cool.

Only it's now 8pm. Still only a sandwich in me, the mini bar wine, and another liquid meal provided by a hotel bar. I think I was workin' up the courage to see that awful cake I had made waiting for me below deck. FYI, you are NOT getting to see a picture of that cake.

Chicago Skyline was beautiful. Fireworks and all!

Little bit more to drink...
A little lounging on the fancy smancy orange couch. (I totally just put couch to hear my mother look at it and say, "Heidi, that is not a couch, it is a chaise lounge and I taught you better than that!"

Roomservice at 1 a.m. Only forgot to pick up my "spanx" and he totally drove his cart right over my underwear! Geeze! Can't take me anywhere!

and then it was time to hit the sack! This old lady can't hack it that long.


Kameron said...

All that build up and we don't get to see the cake???? Come on! We'll be nice!

obladi oblada said...

Yeah...the cake. We want to see the cake. I wont turn you into Cakewrecks, I promise! Im sure its a lot better than I could do!

That Girl said...

no food at the wedding? that kinda sucks!

Heidi said...

well there was food at the wedding. Good food too, just not until after 9pm

Schmoochiepoo said...

Where's the cake?

Looks like a fabulous wedding..very chi-chi-poo-poo.

~~Mel~~ said...

You did just as I would have...drink drink drink! lol. Looks like a good time. You and your hubby are so cute.

mother goose said...

love it, you are so beautiful!

heidi said...

FUN! And I wanna see the cake, too, slacker.

Angela said...

A bit of food helps when you have all the liquid

Smiles sounds fun