Monday, June 1, 2009

Just call me Lucy

I feel that I am trapped inside a I Love Lucy episode. And it's not the Vita-vita-vegamin one either. I could totally handle getting smashed on vitamin juice about now. That one I could live with.

And it's not the candy factory one either. I could go for a couple of dozen boxes of chocolates while I'm at it.

No, this is more the vase stuck on the head kind of episode. Starting off when my husband makes a FANTASTIC meal for me. (If you have followed me for any time or just take a gander at the hunk on my sidebar, you would know that my man does me right in the cooking department.) So last night he made salmon steaks, grilled zucchini squash, homemade blue cheese dressing... the works. So we are fixin' (yeah, I said fixin'..I'm from Texas) our plates and I asked him to cut a piece of corn on the cob in half. Yeah, he must have thought I said, "break a knife off the handle and have it slice your hand open because I really don't want to eat this fabulous meal." So 6 stitches, 2.5 hours and one tetanus shot later, we eat fast food.

I wake up to the grumpiest 2 year old ever and an overflowing toilet. As in, "MOOOOMMMM! The toilet water is coming out of the bathroom and it's coming our way!" Freakin' fantastic! Pee water all over my freshly cleaned bathroom and literally running down the hallway towards the kitchen.

Then I get to take grumpy butt with me to take my older one to zoo camp. Yeah, he throws his cup while screaming his head off & orange juice goes all over the carpet. Nice first impression. Other mothers, not so amused and the teacher just smiles and says, "Well, he's feisty this morning." Which we all know is code for, "get that little shit out of here before he destroys the entire room, but before you do, please fill out these 4 pgs. of paperwork."

So when we get home I discover that the little monster has a fever. Totally makes sense that he is having issues, but good grief!

And you wanna know the worst part? We are out of even our cheap beer!

I can only hope this episode ends with a, "Honey I'm home!" and everyone having a good laugh as the music cues.


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Hope it gets better! Go get more beer... that will for sure help!

Lindsay said...

OMGosh! You poor thing! The only advice I have… make a run to the liquor store ASAP. I hope you feel better and your kiddo too.

obladi oblada said...

Wow..sounds like Lucy to me. Not a good time. Babaloooooo.

Jean said...

Im feeling on feeling like Lucy!
-Got in a fender bender on Friday with hubs 'burb
-Brakes gone to pot on my van (hence why driving the 'burb
-The batmobile will not pass inspection due to emissions issues. So we are SOL this week when it comes to cars. :)

BTW: In case you read my drivel in a feed reader-it hasn't updated in a century. I've moved over to wordpress for now

Kameron said...

At least you can catch a buzz to unwind. Being pregnant stinks only because of the things you can't do while growing a baby!! Hope you day gets better!

Schmoochiepoo said...

Aw man.. you've had it rough!

I love Lucy always ended uo ok in the end so keep that in mind.

Hope it gets better for you soon.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Oh No! Out of beer did you say? That is horrendous. Pee water is one thing, but no beer???? That is tragic.

M said...

LOL! If only Hubby had Ricky's hair. That would make up for the rest of it.

heidi said...

Bah. I hate days like that!

I got the GC's - thank you!!

~~Mel~~ said...

You reminded me how much I love "I love lucy"!

I'm really sorry that you had such a crappy day yesterday...I hope it ended with a cold beer in hand!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

We have a little one with a fever too. It doesn't seem right that the kids still get sick in the summer time. I thought we were through with all the sickness!
Hope he is feeling better.

Melissa said...

Good Golly! It happens to the best of us!!! I love your humor...moments like these all you can do is laugh about!!!

Kathy said...

Usually I put my foot in mouth...much like
glad it wasn't worse...I know,
not a lot of help...
Hope the hand heals fast.