Thursday, March 5, 2009

I feel like I am missing something......

Seems like it's not only me.....

On Sunday I had our regular babysitter all lined up to watch the kids while Hubby & I got some much needed time alone. I had planned to go to this fabulous coffee shop in town, then hit the bookstore and end with a romantic dinner. I was so on top of things that I planned all of it days in advance. And that was my problem. I forgot. As in COMPLETELY forgot! My husband knew... he forgot. My calendar knew... it forgot. Hell, the babysitter knew and SHE forgot. Literally none of us remembered it the entire day.

So about 1am that night I sit up in bed and wake my husband up telling him that we completely missed our date. We spend the next 20 minutes trying to figure out what happened to the babysitter. Did she forget? Did she show up and us not hear her?

Turns out that a close friend of hers was shot and in the hospital, where she, understandable forgot completely about babysitting and rushed to their side. She explained the whole thing first thing Monday morning, so I feel like she was completely not to blame.... What's my excuse? I think maybe if I had that IPhone, things like this would NEVER happen.

(It has come to my attention that I should ask questions as to how a good friend got SHOT, as to maybe not being the best quality in a babysitter, but I will stand up for the girl and say she is the sweetest little gleek club singer for a major university you have ever seen. I don't think she's into anything crazy, but I will ask)
And can I just add that the google searches that are bringing people to me are getting stranger and stranger. I totally understand the Rainbow Poop one. Hell, I get about 5 of those a week. It was a fastinating subject to me so I ain't hatin'. But lately these two have caught my eye.
1. bikini fat rolls hanging out (I mean, are you googling this for???? You want to see pictures of that, 'cause stick around, I am sure I can Wordless Wednesday some of those.)
2. Seriously y'all, someone that thinks like this has access to the internet... we should all write our congressman now!

Here it is: My Girlfriends White Trash Mommy BEGGED me for it. (Are you flippin kidding me? You googled that! And how, HOW did that bring you to me????)

I'm skerd! These people should not be knocking at my door.


heidi said...

I can't believe you ALL forgot. The babysitter maybe can be excused but the rest of ya'll? Sheesh!

Paula and Skip said...

Found your site while browsing. Love the way you write and express yourself. Regards from Tampa,

Kristi said...

How funny that all of you forgot...what a wierd day, especially when you all needed a break so bad. Do tell when you find out how the friend was SHOT!! Enquiring minds wanna know.

Joanne said...

I can't believe that everyone forgot! That is crazy ... but something that I would totally do! Totally!!

Mother Goose said...

you are funny! I am so glad I finally have time to blog around and leave comments! eeks, I am afraid to look and see what google has brought my way. So sorry you forgot about your date and about your babysitters friend.

justlori2day said...

Let it be known that I found you not through Google, but through "where did all this come from"... I gave you both a very random award on the same day and then kept you in my watched list.

As for white trash mommy begging for anything, and bikini fat (I have so much that I wouldnt even try on one myself!), well, I have no issue with not seeing either shared ANYWHERE on the internets!

Hope the friend is ok!