Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday - the first

Not Me Monday

I have never done a NOT ME just because, well, if I admitted to half the stuff I do during the week then you guys probably wouldn't be my friends. And well, that would be kinda sad to lose my imaginary Internet friends. But I will give it a shot, just this once. So just stop the peer pressure with all your funny No ME's, I give...

I so did not start the week of with my fly undone at church. That would be terribly embarrassing, and even more so when someone points it out and you realize you are wearing your Christmas panties. Thank goodness that did not happen to me.

I did not lock my keys in the car at a child's birthday party. Who is that silly? Not me. I did not have my neighbor (the father of the kid having the party) go get my spare keys from my house for me. How rude would that be?

I did not deal with a child throwing up this weekend, only to take him out in public today and expose others to his germs. That would be insane, but understandable if the only reason I did it was because my daughter was in a play & I really wanted to see it.

I did not feed my child Nilla Wafers for breakfast/snack/and lunch all in one day because that was all he would eat. I am so much better of a parent than that. I don't give into pressures.

I certainly did not laugh my head off when my son rubbed a donut into my boob at church and then rub his spoon covered in mac & cheese on it a day later. I would never laugh at something like that, how tacky.

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sheila said...

Thankfully your little one didn't puke on stage! lol.

I laughed about the underware one, how funny!

Sus said...

You have Christmas panties?? That is so COOL.

heidi said...




Kameron said...

I didn't think I would let mine eat crap until this week either. I got to the point where I let him eat whatever he wanted just to get some food in him!!

Tee, hee, Christmas panties. At least they didn't have baby Jesus on them...that would have been worse!

Nikki B. said...

i was soooo excited to read your "not me's" when i saw that you had joined the circus! i just knew you'd have some good ones!

Heidi said...

Welcome to the club. Enjoy the therapy. Great Not Me's.
I have totally lost count how many times I have locked my keys in the car. But I know that at least three times were with the kids inside, buckled up & too young to help.

Patrice said...

lol I'm glad you joined in this week! These are hilarious!

Mrs B said...

Is it sad that three of those I did too?

-Throwing up kid in public
-Nilla Wafers (Although mine was chocolate chip cookies! Even Worse!)

I think we may be internet sisters!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..I think I've done most of what you have written!!

Good ones, and good job on your first!!

Kristi said...

What a fun idea..I have never heard of this. It was such a crack up! Thanks for sharing...of course you never did any of these things...all hypothetical of course.

Junita said...

Yeah - I knew you would have great Not Mes! I am happy you were wearing your Christmas panties.

Cary said...

You are so funny. I am currently laughing OUT LOUD while I am at home by myself, thinking, been there, done that! Charlotte was throwing up all weekend and where is she today? At work with her daddy and traipsing all over town spreading her germs like Christmas cheer! Yep, that's right, I'm a GREAT mom. Oh, and if it makes you feel better, the last bday party Char was invited to, I showed up to the kid's house on THE WRONG DAY. Yep, 3:00 on a WEDNESDAY. Who has bday parties at 3:00 on a WEDNESDAY? No one. I'm such an idiot.