Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, how was it? Did Uncle Larry get drunk? Aunt Mildred choke on a turkey leg? Did you get the wishbone? Oh how I love juicy Thanksgiving stories. I have a few of my own in my back pocket of years past, but that's in the past. Why drag it out now? Especially when I just know you have something so much better for me. So dish... This isn't your blog. Your family will never read it, so tell me all the details, what was your Thanksgiving like?

Oh, mine? Thanks for asking. It was wonderful. It was spent with friends, lots of turkey, yummy blueberry champagne, sweatpants, and Rock Band Wii. Although we dearly miss our family on the holidays, we were surrounded by friendship, which is the next best thing.


JanMary said...

Nothing to share from Thanksgiving here - we don't celebrate it in Ireland.

Yours sounds lovely.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

No drama for us. We made a couple of stops - the second one was "kinda" family but we stopped, plated and rolled out of there.

Allison Says said...

No drama here. Chocolatinis were the drink of the night, so there was a lot more exuberance than there would have been otherwise!

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Alicia said...

Well, it's good to know that I have a safe haven to vent my frustrations!! LOL.

Actually, no drama here, thank God!!!!

JenLive! said...

I actually had the best Thanksgiving ever. Probably b/c it involved NO in-laws. Awesome! Hung with my bff and her hubby and son. Very relaxing. Did I mention that there were NO in-laws?!

Angela said...

Mine was great I didn't have to cook and we got to take home left overs

Glad you had a great one

Rhea said...

We have Rock BAnd, and it's so much fun to get a group together to play.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love your header photos. Kids making messes, gotta love it.

Kim N said...

We had a little drama when we went to my brothers house for Thanksgiving. Just as we sat down to eat my son started rubbing like crazy at his eyes and he burst into tears. I saw his red eyes and worried about pink eye so I rushed him to the bathroom to wash his hands. In the bathroom I noticed hives breaking out all over his face and his eyes were swelling fast. Come to find out, he had played in the nut bowl...he KNOWS he is allergic to nuts, but he couldn't resist. I was out of Benadryl of course, so another dinner guest left her plate she had just dished up to run to her house a few blocks away to get me some. It was a little scary, but he was fine after about 45 minutes. We were thankful it didn't end with an emergency room visit.

heidi said...

Drama. Psh. I LAUGH in the face of Drama.

Let's see...MIL did her usual big heay "I'm so put upon" sighs, even though *I* worked 8.5 hours on Thanksgiving and made the turkey, gravy, stuffing and relish tray. SHe told everyone umpteen times that she had been on her feet ALL DAY and was exhausted. Just the usual.

I did good untilt he very end of the night when I was trying to take the boys and leave. THere was a big stupid fiasco - my MIL likes to pretend she's the best gma in town and that she understands everything COrban says - though she doesn't get .05 of it. So he was looking for his JUICE and she became convinced it was his choo choo he wanted. EVen though I'm in th eother room yelling to my SIL, he wants JUICE not a choo-choo!! MIL is running around yelling at everyone "have you seen his choo choo? Where's the choo choo? Look for his choo choo!" ANd I'm yelling "JUICE!! HE JUST WANTS JUICE!!" She's freaking out and everyone is like "Settle down - he doesn't want his choo choo he wants juice!!" ANd I come out of th ebedroom and see her and say "The choo choo is in my bag but he is looking for his juice!" and she says....

"He wants his choo choo have you seen it?"

At which point my eyes are rolling back into my head and I think I might have a seizure due to the overwhelming amount of stupidity that is suffocating me.

I go get Corban his juice and we're ready to head out the door. MIL is STILL freaking out about the damned choo choo WHICH IS IN MY FREAKING BAG! When my poor husband walks in the front door and says to me..


He says "Do you have his choo choo?"

And I literally screamed YES! and pushed my way out the door.

Poor guy didn't know what hit him.

Looking forward to Christmas. *sigh*

Jean said...

God bless my mother she cant cook (at least she admits it). I have never seen a ham so dry in my life. It looked like a dried out sponge. Sad. The turkey was ok there wasn't much flavor and the side dishes meh, you can't go to wrong with fake mashed potatoes.
I told her I would bring the sides and she didn't want me to.
I've got Christmas covered. I'm no Emeril, at least as God is my witness, the ham will not be dry and the mashed potatoes will be REAL!

Kameron said...

Oh yeah! I can't really vent on my blog because my family reads it and I don't want to cause WWIII! We went to my brother's in Oregon and I wanted to strangle him 3 hours after we got there! He eats only meat, corn, potatoes and ketchup so you can see what he was planning for Thanksgiving dinner! My hubby and I ended up cooking the entire dinner for 8 adults and 2 toddlers.

I cooked all day and had a major allergy to something in my brother's house. I didn't bring my Allegra and ended up taking 2 benedryl over a 3 hour period, but I was still dying! As I sat on the couch, eyes burning and nose dripping, my jerk of a brother says "Gee, you didn't work that hard today, why are you so tired?" To which I responded, "I'm not tired retard, I'm dying." Lets just say I was looking forwad to the 5 hour plane ride back hoe with my crazy toddler!

Thanks for the venting, I really needed it!

kristi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am adding you to my blogroll.

Mother Goose said...

glad you had a great turkey day

Keli said...

Glad you had a good day! The only thing that happened to me was my noodles were to thick! I was so bummed but they were still edible! : )