Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Mushy Heart

My daughter's Prayer:

I pray for God.
I pray for food.
I pray for clothes.
I pray for you.

It melted my heart to hear her make this prayer up. I am still not convinced that is wasn't something she heard, even though she swears it's her own. So if you have ever heard it before, don't tell me. I just want to feel it with my mushy heart that it was all her.


K and/or K said...

Sweet and simple, love it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jillene said...

How sweet!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Chuckie said...

I love this. Happy Thanksgiving Mommy. So nice to see you. It's been a very long 2 months. Enjoy your family and take care. See ya soon. *huggies ~n lovies and lots'a kissies*

heidi said...

Awww!!! So sweet!

Happy Thanksgiving, Heidi!

Alicia said...

How sweet!!!

Keli said... sweet is that little prayer! What a doll!