Saturday, November 8, 2008

For the love of Fondue

Fondue Fondue
Oh how I love you.
I believe the name
should be FUN-Due

Fondue Fondue
All cheese and goo
I want to eat you
My Fondue

If I was a strawberry
if it were true
I would be happy
to be dipped in Fondue

If I were a meat
so ready to eat
I would be happy
To fondue, make it snappy

Can you guess what I am going to do today???? It's not reading my super awesome poems at a coffee shop, that's for sure!


Rebekah said...

I used to ask for fondue for my birthday dinner every year. I havent fondued in years. I am going to have to get me one and introduce the kids

Keli said...

A fondue party??? By yourself, in bed with the remote? hee hee

Kameron said...

h, maybe you are going to The Melting Pot restaurant?? I am going next Tuesday!! Have agooey cheesy chocolaty time!

Heidi said...

Oh yeah baby! The melting pot it is! I have never had fondue, but what's not to love?

Brooke said...

I love fondue! Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't feel the same, and he calls it fon-don't!

Designher Momma said...

well I hope you are going somewhere with skewers!!!!
I'm a fondue fan myself...

Mother Goose said...

you are so funny! i love fondue!
But, I think you should read your super awesome poems in a coffee shop. I think you should grab a guitar and sing slightly off key the words to your poem.
We can call you Phoebe!!

I miss friends.

The Gerwer Babies said...

I just wanted to comment back on how i get four babies to smile and look. ACT LIKE A FOOL! i really need someone to video tape us getting the photos done and put it on the blog, i look like an idiot!

Alicia said...

Hi Heidi!! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog!!!!

Nicole said...

We are going to fondue for our anniversary this wednesday. We are going to The Melting Pot.

heidi said...

You make me laugh! LOL I have NEVER EVER even ONCE had fondue. Isn't that terrible?? Simply horrible?!? I've bought fondue sets for people and given them all these cute little fondue recipe cards, but never once have I had fondue nor do I have a set of my own.

Someday. LOL

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

We had a Fondue party with the girls from work a couple of weeks ago and it was great! That was my first fondue party and I think Fondue is FUN!