Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thanks Rebekah
You are SOO not going to believe this, but I got this award four times this week... from four amazing BB! Say it ain't so... Don't great minds think alike? Every time I tried to sit down and get this post together I would get another one. I think I should just hang onto this post, it's my good luck draft or something. Nothing like this ever happens to me, I am going to have to start getting in on those giveaways with my luck these days. But seriously, I am really touched, (seriously, no BS) that you thought of me and took the time. I have no idea about etiquete rules, so I am wingin' it and just putting them together.

Thank you Rebekah over at Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe. She has such a way of telling a story, you swear you were there.... She makes me feel like I am still somehow connected to the adult world when I read about her life.

And Bonnie who hangs out over at Where Did All This Come From? I mean, hello, who hasn't thought that a time or two? Give the girl some love, she scrapbooks, has great posts and is how pregnant? 9 months. At nine months I wasn't even brushing my teeth anymore.

Then there's Danielle at Life with the Hewitt Family. This is one active lady who is not afraid to share her wonderful life of football, books, and a side of humor.

And last but not least, Nicole from Sanity check, one two... If that doesn't say it all right there. She's got a little of everything, a bit of cooking, kids, and crazy stories.

Now you would totally be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't go check them out, they are all worth it.

So in order for me to officially claim this reward, I get to list 6 things I love, then pass it on to 6 lovely bloggers. I will try to make it short and sweet.

1. I so *heart* rearview mirrors. Seriously, think of a world without them.

2. Sippie cups rock too. I am so glad not to clean up spilled milk everytime Jr. thinks he needs to channel Tony Romo and throw that thing.

3. My mom. Everyday she gives me more reasons to respect, love and cheer for her. I adore my mom. Oh, you too Dad, you are fantastic too.

4. Target popcorn. Literally saves my life when I have to go to the store with 2 children that absolutely HATE the grocery store.

5. Body pillows. Got hooked when I was pregnant and haven't touched my hubby in bed since. (well, maybe once or twice.)

6. You thought I wasn't going to say it: but of course my family. I love them, they drive me nuts, they make my world go round.... they are my everything.

And there you have it... So my job now is to pass it on to 6 of you...

1. Jenny over at Live!And in Color! she has a great sense of humor and writes about real life.
2. Jean @ Working Mamma 24/7 has great reviews, and hearing about her move makes me glad I'm not in it.
3. Mommy Daisy who was one of my very first Bloggy friends and I am SO determined to win one of her giveaways!
4. Cheryl @ Marching to a Different Drummer Who I am so happy found her lost glasses.
5. Heidi at Sacred and Profane. My kindred spirit, her sense of humor seems to be right in line with mine, which tells you how twisted she is.
And my head hurts, I have to stop there, I am such a rebel, I know. So enjoy ladies.


JenLive! said...

Thank you, thank you!!! And to think I was spelling Kreativ wrong all this time!

tollesons4him said...

Congrats on the award, you deserve this Kreativ award. I love reading your blog.

Kristi said...

Amen to the body pillow girl! I can not sleep without it now. And I have added a pillow to place behind my back too. It is quite the process to get everything just right...and then there is the procession of turning over and repositioning everything. Worth it though. Totally worth it. :)

Jean said...

Awe shucks and to think I'm just gonna give it right back to ya babe- and not in a "re-gift" impersonal kind of way. No way jose. :)

M said...

Yay for you x 4!

dani c said...

Congrats...but that's because YOU ROCK....

Cheryl said...

Wow...I am shocked. :-) Thank you so much.. I must comment on Target popcorn, I ran the food counter at Target for 2 years, the popcorn is awesome. ;-)

Bonnie said...

I have many friends with your sense of humour which is why you don't scare me! lol.

I have to think about the rearview mirrors???

Your blog is a blast to read and you make me laugh.

heidi said...

Awww ya blog blinged me! Thanks! You just wanted me to work. *sigh* ;-)

Heidi Zawisza said...

Congrats on your awards BFF!!!!

Mommy Daisy said...

Congrats and thanks so much for passing the award along to me and saying so many sweet things.