Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween, really?

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween... How am I ALREADY stressing out over Halloween costumes? This is a two-fold problem. First of all my daughter comes up with the craziest ideas for costumes. It started out that she wanted to be a teacher. A teacher? What??? But she wanted to be able to wear glasses. So I get my mind all geared up for a teacher. I thought about the little necklace thing that attaches to glasses, a bun in her hair, my old teacher jewelry, and even go as far as to make her a vest out of fabric that looks like books. Well, I didn't actually make the vest, but hey, I THOUGHT about it, and that takes effort.

This leads us to the second issue which in turn, folds and weaves into the first issue. The second issue is what costume to give the smaller of my two children. The little toot will NOT wear anything on his head. EVER! So that rules out about 60% of costumes. So I come up with a football player. That way he could just wear the uniform & carry a football, something he does most of the time anyway. WELL, that leads the older child to then want to coordinate costumes. Go figure. So now she wants to be a referee. Have you even looked up referee costumes online. The ONLY costumes online are SEXY REFEREE! That's out the window. Well, actually I could probably buy one one of those & it would fit her just fine & be long enough. Those things look like they are squeezing a full size woman into a 6T dress.

So now I am back to square one. And as my daughter is walking out the door to go to school this morning she decides that maybe she should just design her own horse costume. Out of paper. Anyone want to tell the child that isn't good enough? That it's going to fall apart & people are going to keep asking her what she is suppose to be? I don't. I want her to be creative and inventive and do what she wants, but I also want to spare her. So here I am all stressed out about HALLOWEEN! Something that is 38 days away. I need help! So lend me your advice on this issue, please before I just put sheets over both of their heads and call them ghosts!


Pregalicious said...

i say take them to the store and let them pick...once they see all of the choices all of their high maintenance ideas will go out the window and your life will be much easier! :)

Jean said...

I have no advice as I go through the same thing. Is it bad that my kids start planning their costume the day after Halloween for the next year and talk about it for months and months later?
My middle son wants to be a Chick FilA Cow. I think this would be actually hilariously cute. Dress him like a cow and make a protest sign of Eat Mor Chkn. Easy peasy until he changes his mind a week before.

heidi said...

I hate halloween costumes. SIenna wanted to be the princess from Arthur and the invisibles. Nuh uh no way. Too much skin showing there, miss thang. Besides...it's WINTER here on Halloween - one needs a costume that can be layered.

I'm thinking of make all three of them be pirates. Or let Corban be a dog since he licks everything all the time anyway. Oh, and barks at random people. He's my pride.

One of my friends has themes - one year it was Wizard of Oz characters, the next year it was Star Wars. SO cute! I don't have the energy. I say let's just send them out dressed as themselves because some days that's scary enough.

Ugh. Corban woke up Brennan AGAIN. The day has been much too long already.

Kel said...

what about her being a cheerleader and him a football player??

Busymama Kellie said...

Oh, sorry. No suggestions from me. I need some myself! Last year my daughter wanted to be Elektra. Just try and find a costume like that for a 4 year old. I ended up making/sewing it and buying plastic sai weapons for her to hold. She ended up ditching the weapons and looking like a 4 year old hoochie.

M said...

LOL - Yeah, last year I thought about making G a sheep and C Little Bo Peep. That was until I couldn't take looking at all the SEXY shepherdess costumes anymore.

I suggest taking them to the used children's store and letting them pick something out. Its much cheaper! And they might find pieces that inspire them to mix and match.

(C found an all-white, fuzzy bodysuit for $4. We got a tail, ears, and facepaint and we are nearly a cat already!)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I let my kiddo pick his costume out from the store. Usually we know what we are going in for. This year he is going to be a Blue Power Ranger...hopefully he sticks with the blue on because we already bought it...he has wore it a few times to get adjusted to it and absolutely loves it. Past Halloween's we have had a battle with the costume.

Your daughter is cute, wanting to be a horse made of paper. What an imagination she has!

Karen said...

Oh my kids start planning their costumes shortly after their birthdays in March and April. And they change their minds multiple times. When my 5 year old was little I coordinated her outfit with her big sis. But since about 3 years old she's had a mind of her own. Right now we are thinking Hermoine from Harry Potter and a ballerina.

andria said...

Well, the oldest picks his out. He wants me to sew him a Mario outfit. HAHAHA. Yeah, like I can sew.

The poor middle one just gets whatever the older one wore at that size. I guess that would be Bob the Builder. Hope he likes it.

Grandma bought a witch costume for the girl. Not into witches, but it was free.

Now if I can just find Mario.