Monday, August 18, 2008

Not ready

Growing up! Why must they? I mean, on one hand, having my little curtain climber get out of the "temper tantrum" stage would be wonderful, but does that also mean that he stops running to me when he gets hurt? That he doesn't do a happy dance in his crib when I come to get him in the mornings or that he stops holding my face to kiss me everyday? If it means that, then I don't want him to grow up, I will take the good with the bad. Or my other rug rat, the school ager. If turning 6 means that she doesn't want Mommy to lay with her at night,(even though I protest it most night, I love being asked.) Or that she won't need to hold my hand crossing the street, then don't grow up. I can't take it. But sadly, they have to, and in my household, there have been several adjustments lately to remind me just how much they are growing up.

First of all, my daughter started riding the bus to school. Ouch, that hurt. I am getting use to it, and I know the independence is building confidence in her that she desperately needs, but wanting to hold on to her just a wee little bit longer would be nice. Second of all, for her birthday tomorrow we had no idea what to get her. Play dough and barbies aren't going to work this year. We finally decided on a big girl desk with cool accessories like calculators, rulers, and a CD player with a High School Musical CD. That right there just breaks my heart. Where did my baby girl go?

For little bro, it was a new step stool in the bathroom so he can reach the sink to brush his teeth. I love him having independence and learning new things (I hate him having independence and not needing me.) We also converted his crib to a toddler bed. This was for safety reasons because the little man has evidently been watching the gymnasts on the Olympics and has figured out how to use upper body strength to lift himself high enough to flip out of his crib. So instead of a broken neck, he gets a big boy bed. And the fact that he slept just fine in it his first night makes me so happy, sad, happy.

I am ready for the changes (I am not ready for the changes,) but they are and I guess I am suppose to follow their lead. *sniffle, boo hoo, blow*


dani c said...

I know..doesn't it make your heart hurt ? Too bad we couldn't freeze them ( but not at the terrible two's )

Burgh Baby said...

It's so bittersweet each and every time they do something for the first time, isn't it?

Miss Hope said...

With having kids that range 14, 9, and 4? I am bombarded every day with new things that leave me weak, wondering where my sweet cuddly babies went.

Michelle said...

they do just grow up to quickly don't they!

She probably seems so little to be riding a bus! Does she ride with various age groups? Kayla rode the bus to preschool when she was 3, and 4, but they were ONLY preschoolers on this bus - I don't know how I would feel if she was 6 and riding the bus with older kids!

Jill said...

The bus ride has turned into the best thing for my munchkin... she desperately needed the independence, and I needed the break from the car!

But I do know how you feel... happy, sad, happy, sad... :)