Thursday, July 17, 2008

A New Discovery in Nature

Did you know that giraffes did not start out with long necks? They adapted them to feed at the high levels of treetops? Ohhh ohh, get this - On a manatee, the diaphragm and the lungs has adapted over time to extend the entire length of it's body cavity which lets it stay underwater for long periods of time to eat.

So it is no wonder today, that while picking up Kix cereal for the 4th time one actually suctioned to my finger. It really did, well, not really, but my story is better that way, don't you think? My theory is that a mother's adaption has got to be that we are all turning into Hoover vacuums.

We are constantly bending over to show our deriers in the air, and reaching our arms on the floor like orangutans to pick up whatever our children, who mind you are sooo much closer to the floor, leave behind. Whether it's cereal from a baggie, dirty laundry they haphazardly drop where ever they get naked, or toys that we just can't risk breaking our necks on, we are there to "pick up the pieces." (pun intended.)

So don't be alarmed if soon, you too reach down to the floor and find that the crap starts coming to you, like the dirt to a vacuum, or a paperclip to a magnet. There's nothing wrong, it's just a natural progression of nature, and for me, it couldn't happen soon enough.


Chuck said...

Heidi, c'mon now ~ You're the clever one! This made me laugh out loud. You are a riot. Thx so much for stopping by and for blogrolling me too! I don't know that I have thanked you yet *big huggies*

Jill said...

I'm laughing too - my tush is constantly flying high - my kids see quite a lot of it.

Though I will suggest that you get a dog - you will no longer have to bend down to pick any food up off the floor!

Becoming Me said...

I popped on over here from Anne Elizabeth's blog and I laughed while reading this post. I also almost fell off my chair when reading your header...

I am a wife, have two children and will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary in Aug...and in these past 9 years we are gearing up for move #9.

5 states
7 different cities
2 same city moves

JenLive! said...

I have not developed suction fingers. I have dogs that take care of food on the floor. I do, however, have my kids convinced that I have eyes in the back of my head.

GoteeMan said...

bottoms up! constantly picking up after my boys... like a domestic version of one of those red plastic birds with liquid in the bottom that I had as a kid that would dip forward, then bounce, bounce, bounce till it's upright...


GrandCanyonMom said...

Hey Heidi,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. "Mrs. N" from Becoming Me is a good friend of mine. We're having a going away lunch for her tomorrow since she'll be moving soon. I'm glad you follow her blog. It's a good one.
It is nice to meet you too. Also, nice to know I'm not the only one who has moved to at least 5 states in the last 10 years, all while having 3 babies. CRAZY!!!! But worth it!
God bless you and your sweet family!
Jaime from Our Nomadic Family

Channah said...

Too funny. I started giggling, because I totally believed you when you said the kix stuck to your finger. I was trying to figure out how it happened, when I decided to read on, and saw you were kidding. I think I'm tired.

Toni said...

Very funny!!! Although I am still waiting for my stomach to adapt or better disappear so that it is not in my way when I bend over to pick all that stuff up!!!

Haaa haaa

Great post!