Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is there a Dr. in the house?

Ah, just about the time kids turn 6 something happens. I think it has something to do with losing their baby teeth, they all of the sudden grow two new bones in their bodies. The first being a sarcastic bone. The eye rolling, sighing, whatever mom, bone that I want surgically removed ASAP. And then there is the literal bone. This bone now has me arguing over whether coloring is the same as drawing. I am actually wasting 5 min. of my day having this discussion. It's almost as bad as having a fight with my husband on if his socks are near the hamper does that count as putting them in the right place. Seriously people!

How did my sweet, thoughtful daughter turn into such a... a... girl! She's moody, she doesn't want to talk anymore, just play with her friends. She argues over bath time and God forbid we ask her to do a chore. That's when that sarcastic bone pops right up.

So right after this post, I am calling the dr. and seeing what kind of medical treatment we can get for her to get these bones removed and therefore restoring order to my home.


Jill said...

Oh... let me know what the doctor says. Maybe we can go on a two'fer?

Jean said...

I'm with you on this, sad to think that we have a few long years to go. I hear it gets worse..gulp.

JenLive! said...

I have a triple case of this, with three daughters. How exasperating!
My middle daughter always corrects me on the time. I say it's Eight O'Clock and time for bed, she corrects me by telling me it's 7:58!!!

AGSoccerMom said...

oh yes include me my daughter is the same. I had a bath day before yesterday. I didn't even sweat.
I'll do it later, then later I'll do it the morning.......uggg

Petula Wright said...

I'm with you! Can we start a petition to make this mandatory surgery!? :))