Thursday, June 12, 2008

Road Trip - what are we thinking

The summer vacation. It's a great time of year, new flip flops, break out the sunglasses, margaritas and sit back and relax. OR NOT! This year I am taking a 15 hr. car trip with my children back to our hometown in Texas. Anyone jealous yet? For some strange reason, my sister temporarily lost her mind and flew all the way up here to ride the 15 hrs. back down there. Talk about sisterly love, that girl is getting a trophy for this one. Anyone who volunteers to sit in a van with a 17 month old, (who according to the lady at Bath & Body Works, sounds like a car screeching when he screams,) is just out of her flipping mind. But she's up here and there's only one way back home for her, and this is my vehicle, lucky her.

Not only are we taking this monster of a trip, but we are going to be gone for three whole weeks. Three weeks of:
"Oh, please don't touch Grandma's antique lamp that's been in the family for years,"
"No, Granny's medicine is not candy, even if she did leave it right on the table and it looks yummy."
"Darling, the barb wire fence is not for climbing, it's to keep those big ugly cows away from Mommy. (I have a thing about cows, ... well really any animal that isn't housebroken, but that is an entire blog in itself, maybe as we get to know each other longer, I will reveal this phobia)

So three weeks is a long time to be in homes that are not child proofed, but worse than that: Dad is not coming with us! He has to work (Boo - Hiss - Sigh) Which leads me to the biggest chore of my trip. It's like leaving a kid alone. Let's just say the last time my husband was without us for a month he never once did laundry. Now this man is college educated, and highly intelligent (according to his mother who will tell you how smart he is every time you talk to her.) But this genius decided that for whatever reason under the sun, he didn't need to do his laundry. His solution: Take his clothes to the dry cleaners and just buy new underwear. Do you know how many pairs of underwear this man has now? 22 - I counted. One time I asked him to come look at something the washing machine was doing funny & he literally put his hands on his ears and ran out screaming, "No, I don't want to know how that thing works."

I am cringing at the thought of what I will come home to. So I ask for a special prayer for a safe trip, no family members to ban us from their homes forever, and a husband that can survive it all.

On a side note, if I don't respond to too many blogs in the next couple of weeks, I promise to be back on your doorsteps when I return.


Jean said...

I have to know..what part of Texas are you visiting and are you doing the 15 hour drive back alone?!!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I so feel for you. My brother-in-law once had to call and ask how to run the washing machine and dishwasher before Mary came home. I seriously just laughed at him! Have a safe trip and I pray you come to a house in one piece.

GetRoadReady said...

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Jill said...

You are a brave one! Have a fantastic trip filled with memories, photos, and cocktails!

M said...

Eek. I once asked my in-laws to put their meds in a safe place while we were visiting - this was when G was in her "climbing and opening" stage. You would have thought I had asked my father-in-law to strip down naked in his own kitchen and hula hoop. Good luck!

Call if you need a sanity break. (Who am I kidding?!?!)

dani c said...

Hey, I wish you lotsa fun and luck......enjoy..

Burgh Baby's Mom said...


Sorry, I was just thinking about a 17-hour car ride with kids. It kind of makes me nauseous. Good luck with the whole thing!

Chuck said...

OK. 15-hour car trip. That is too funny. You've got a lot to deal with there, sister. heheh Well, when everything settles down, come on by and see that famous dude foto I said I'd post. Hope you're having a safe trip. *huggies*

Here's the link:

Michelle said...

We took a long road trip last year - driving from NM to MD - but I at least had Joe with me! How nice to have your sister with you! Is she going to drive back with you as well?

Miss Hope said...

Four years ago I went cross country in my mini-van with three kids. I'm still recovering.

And haven't done it since.