Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Animated Romance

Finding the time to watch Soap Operas, or as my mom calls them, "Training Films," everyday would just be impossible. Not to mention the fact that I can't stand them. All the long pauses and arched eyebrows is just enough to make me fall on the floor laughing. I use to watch Days of Our Lives when I was in high school, you can only guess how long ago that was, and yet I caught an episode the other day at a friend's house, and it was the exact same plot. Ok, enough of my soapbox on why they are stupid, I have found an alternative.

Cartoons are turning into soaps right before my eyes. I don't mean those bad cartoons, I am talking about the wholesome Disney, G rated ones. Have you ever seen the sexual tension between Bob the Builder and Wendy? Seriously, I watched an episode the other day & I swear he was going to jump her right there on the front porch after a square dancing date. Or Handy Manny. I am so cheering him on to just take Kelly, the hardware store owner, in the back room. They have been wanting each other since the show began. It's like Ross and Rachel all over. I find myself sitting with my kids and cheering them on to "just do it already." And then I watched Wow Wow Wubsy last week and found them pimping out their friend. Or at least trying to make him "cool" by making him look like a 70's pimp.

Now I am sure my children will never notice, there's no harm there, but I for one, am just waiting for the romance to kick in. Maybe I should just find the time to watch soaps and stop creating fantasies based on cartoons. But until then, pay attention, I am sure there are more out there.


andria said...

I have always thought Bob and Wendy were doing it on the side. A little forbidden office romance.

Jean said...

Thank you for taking notice of this! LOL! I so think Handy Manny and Kelly should just get it on already. I thought it was just me and my thirst for adult content maybe?

danielle c said...

That is sooo the truth. I thought I was the only one that saw the "tension" on cartoons. For the longest I thought it was just me and my "tension". Guess not..
It's sad isn't it?

Melissa said...

omigosh, that is so funny. I was thinking the same thing about manny and kelly!

M said...

LOL. Very funny. Sick, but funny.