Monday, May 19, 2008

Rainbow Poop

I need to know something. Or rather just really curious and don't want to ask someone face to face for fear of them looking at me like I had lost my mind. But my question is: Does anyone else have a kid that poops all colors of the rainbow or is it just me? Everytime I check his diaper it's like a crayola box melted in there. Sometimes orange and lumpy, sometimes bright green and foamy. (My apologies for the visual) But it is really getting strange, the kid basically eats the same things and yet the outcome is never the same. If this is your first time reading my blog, I am so sorry, this is not quite the first impression I would like to give, but I read my other posts, and it doesn't get much better, sorry. But you are welcome that there are no pictures attached to this one.


Petula Wright said...

LOL! Well, I wonder that sometimes too with my 11-month-old daughter. I find myself trying to retrack the last 24 hours to try and figure out what the heck she's eaten that was THAT color.

I think it's normal! Oh, at least I hope it is. :-)

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Have a great week.

Melanie said...

It's totally normal. When my daughter started eating regular food she pooped all sorts of fun colors!

Livin' With Me

My Goodness said...

Any blue or purple drink will turn my son's poop cracks me up!! Who knew you'd ever laugh so much at POOP!!

carrie said...

perhaps he's part leprechaun? I've always thought that they must poop rainbow like stuff. Like their stomachs make everything magically delicious?

just a thought.

Channah said...

Thank goodness it's not just my kid - he turns 4 months this weekend, so he's still breastfed, but we still have the color rainbow. Mostly, he had the green and foamy while he was teething though, it seemed (he got his first two teeth by the time he turned 3 months). Still, it's weird.